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Red Ember Marketing Turn Cold Leads into Hot Prospects


Put your company or product at the top of the search results.

We'd all like to rely solely on natural search traffic, and referral sources for our website visitors and customers, but the reality is, if you're not advertising with search engines, you're probably missing out on customers that might not otherwise find you.

Red Ember Marketing can create your account, develop keywords, write ad copy, optimize campaigns for a variety of goals, and assist you with your landing page design & copy to help deliver more targeted customers to your website and convert more of them into customers.

AdWords offers multiple targeting, retargeting, and reporting tools, helping you pin-point who sees your ads and when, as well as gain insight about what's working and what's not. Red Ember offers account set up, monthly maintenance & optimization as well as account clean-up and troubleshooting.

Segment your target audience and your campaigns

By using the personas of your target customers, you can arrange your campaigns and group your keywords for better management and higher ROI. AdWords is an auction environment, but the bids paid for the same words are lower for accounts that are already performing well. So it pays to create ads that are highly relevant to your keywords and landing pages, and have a dedicated team monitoring your account.

If you're not testing, you're not improving

The search advertising environment is all about finding what works, and then improving on it. The only way to discover what works better is to construct an experiment that controls variables and compares results. Let Red Ember help you identify opportunities to improve your return on your AdWords investment, and demonstrate the results with comparative reporting.

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