Turning cold leads into hot prospects. 


Communicate, engage, optimize, convert.

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About Red Ember Marketing

Red Ember is focused on helping organizations improve their marketing resource efficiency with marketing automation techniques and technology. We work with clients to improve lead segmentation, lead nurturing, website activity reporting, analytics, campaign automation, and prospect profile development.

How can Red Ember help you?

Turn to Red Ember for the website development, lead nurturing campaigns, improving landing page performance and lead conversion rates, microsite development, segmenting website visitors and improving website analytics/reporting.

Red Ember provides results:

1. Leads are more engaged because they receive relevant content based on their behavior/interests.

2. More leads are converted to qualified prospects by collecting qualification information a little at a time.

3. Sales close rates are increased because sales receives quality leads with complete prospect profiles.

4. ROI of online marketing efforts and multimedia content are increased.

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